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Managed Server Options

Server firewall installation and security is the customer’s responsibility on co-located servers and you may wish to install your own preferred solution. However, for additional peace of mind Host365 can provide a Cisco based firewall solution using the PIX 5XX range, enabling the remote configuration of complex security rules for access to your server.

Costs: from £450 setup and £350/month

No matter which hardware you use, failure can happen and disks and even complete RAID arrays do fail. Protecting critical customer or company information is core to business continuity and therefore regular backups are essential in that process.

You may choose to backup to your local network if the volume of data you need to backup is small. However, if the volume of data makes this approach prohibitive then we offer two backup mechanisms to address this potential area of vulnerability:

Network Backup
We provide network based storage according to your backup requirement and assign you space together with a separate Ethernet feed into a backup network which means your server’s internet connectivity is unaffected by large data transfers while performing backups. While we can accommodate any size required, please find pricing indications below.

Tape Backup
Assuming the hardware you supply includes magnetic media backup, we offer a tape rotation and archiving service to meet your needs.


Frequency and £/month*





Backup Type




20Gb Network backup




Tape backup**




* Payable quarterly

** New tape will be inserted and previous tape removed and stored

24x7 Engineer On Call
If your systems are mission critical you need to know that we are there when you need us before it impacts on your business. Our Engineer On Call service gives you 24x7 access to an engineer who can help troubleshoot and resolve any problems you encounter. The engineer will have the skills and resource to work with you and offer “intelligent hands” either remotely or at your server to restore it to a working state, suggest alternatives or simply make the server available in our customer maintenance area whenever required.

Cost: £300 /month

020 7610 9911


"Thank you very much for the ADSL connection. It is just MUCH MUCH BETTER!"

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