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ADSL Overview

Our superior network connectivity and infrastructure affords our clients unparalleled quality for their broadband connectivity. All broadband network infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to ensure that your business and the applications on which it relies keep working 365 days a year. Please review our in depth broadband FAQ here or read below for the main features.

Key Features
Dedicated "always on" access
Speeds from 8 up to 36 x standard modem rate (512K to 8Mb)
24/7 Monitoring and fault resolution
Working in 5 days
Free USB Modem
Engineer assisted install (optional)
Migrate from your existing broadband ISP

Package Types
SoHo packages are ideal for users requiring high speed broadband connectivity for a single or only a few PCs and include include a free USB modem and micro-filters.

Professional packages offer the same low monthly cost advantages but with a lower contention ratio - less people using the same BT to internet connection. This means faster throughput for businesses with a larger number of networked users or higher bandwidth requirements especially during peak usage times.

Pricing and Feature Matrix

ADSL SoHo ADSL Professionl
512K 1Mb 2Mb 8Mb 1Mb 2Mb 8Mb 8Mb+
Restricted to BT phone line*
24 hour access
Always on
Download speed 512K 1Mb 2Mb 8Mb 1Mb 512K 8Mb 8Mb
Upload speed 256K 256K 256K 256K 256K 256K 256K 768K
Contention ratio 50:1 50:1 50:1 50:1 20:1 20:1 20:1 20:1
Activation Cost 27.5 27.5 27.5 27.5 27.5 27.5 27.5 27.5
Free USB Modem        
Static IP address capable
MX Record Forwarding available**
Monthly Cost 24.99 29.99 34.99 44.99 29.99 39.99 49.99 69
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* ADSL can only be installed on BT provided phone lines
** For businesses wishing to deploy in house mail server or MS Exchange server. If in doubt contact us for clarification. There are additional costs for this service - please select this option on ordering.

To connect to broadband you need filters to split the phone line into broadband and narrowband (your standard phone call mechanism) and you need a modem or router.

Host365 provide a free USB modem and filter with its SoHo range. The USB Modem is suitable for a single PC to connect to broadband.

To connect your existing network or several PC’s to broadband you will need a router. Host365 can supply you with a router at a small additional cost when you order broadband or you may prefer to purchase your own router through your current IT supplier or consultant. Our 1 port router is suitable for companies who already have a network and will plug directly into your network hub or switch. Our 4 port router is both a router and network hub, providing 4 built in Ethernet ports which will enable up to 4 PC’s to connect assuming they already have network cards installed. All routers are provided with a free filter.

Engineer Assist
Installing broadband on your PC or network is relatively easy and our support team are there to get you through any hiccups you encounter. If however, you lack the time or skills to configure your PC or network for broadband access or you require additional wiring or network setup, we can help with our Engineer Assist service providing a tailored installation service at your premises.

If you think you would like to take advantage of this service please speak with our sales team who will work with you to discover your requirement and recommend a solution to fit.

Host365 has built a reputation for providing reliable high speed broadband to its clients with helpful staff who are there to help troubleshoot when things go wrong.

If you feel your current provider is falling below expectations and your company wishes to take advantage of our premium service or more cost effective pricing then you may wish to use our DSL Migrate service.

DSL Migrate switches your existing broadband service to our own network. This migration is seemless to you apart from a simple change of username and password meaning a few minutes of downtime while you enter the new details and reconnect on Host365’s network.

If you would like to make the switch to Host365’s broadband please complete the order form or call to discuss any queries you may have.

Broadband Options

Static IP Address allocation - £5 /month
A static IP address is useful if your business plans to deploy VPN's, remote access, video conferencing and many other technologies. In addition, it is essential in MX routed MS Exchange or other Mail server scenarios. A static IP address can be added to any of Host365's broadband access products at point of order.

To order simply select this as an option for your chosen connectivity package.

MS Exchange Server - £249 / year
If your company plans to deploy MS Exchange server and does not wish to use the single POP3 mailbox connector but would rather implement routing of incoming mail to a static IP or server at your premises, Host365 can customise DNS settings for your domain and provide full backup on our mail infrastructure for additional peace of mind.

To order simply select this as an option for your chosen connectivity package.

Please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.

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