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Sifting through your Inbox looking for the "good" mail can eat into your day. This time wasting and the de-motivation that goes with it impact on your business. Here's the thing; if you spend 5 minutes every hour checking through your inbox, that's around 35 minutes a day for you or your employees. Nearly three hours a week in lost productivity!

Using a number of sophisticated mathematical algorithms and spam detection techniques, Host365's anti spam gateways trap suspect email in a quarantine before they ever reach your Inbox, leaving you free to focus.

How it works
All email sent to you arrives at a series of dedicated high powered detection servers which use a variety of mechanisms for sniffing out the good from bad. The detection servers assign a score to each spam-like element they find for each check they run.

If the aggregate score reaches a pre-determined threshold then the email is quarantined in a powerful database cluster. At a frequency determined by you, you are emailed a summary listing subject, sender and date of all email quarantined so you can keep tabs on its efficiency.

The anti spam detection servers are "learning" servers. Through a worldwide spam reporting network and the confirmations you make by clicking a confirmation button in the quarantine summary email the servers continually learn to discover spam and so are constantly adapting to the ever changing methods employed by the many individuals and companies who send spam.

Increased productivity
Easy usage
No email deleted
Trusted senders list
98% detection rate

50 per 5 email addresses per annum

120 per domain (unlimited email addresses) per annum

To clear your Inbox for business, call your account manager or the sales team or email us using the contact form.

020 7610 9911

"I can only wish that more companies would take a leaf from your book."

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