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Email Productivity

Auto Responders
An auto responder is an automated email response which is sent when someone emails you. Immediately on receipt of the email to your mailbox, the auto responder sends an email to the sender with the information you specify. You can have auto responders triggered on all emails received, or by other criteria like the subject or body containing specific words.

The content of the email (or any attachments) you send back is entirely up to you. Some of the main uses are:

To let the sender know you are on holiday and who to contact in your absence
To send information on a particular issue relevant to the sender
To send information relevant to the senders enquiry
To add a professional feel to your company by responding immediately to emails received

Host365 can add auto responders to any POP3 mailboxes although some are included with some of our hosting packages. Ask our sales team if you would like more information or send an email to autoresponder@host365.com to see how it works.

£30 /year per five auto responders

Mail Copying
Perhaps you need mail sent to a specific address to be copied to one or more additional addresses or maybe you are traveling and need email redirected temporarily to another address. Email copying does just this, allowing you to specify numerous “copy to” addresses while keeping an original copy in your existing mailbox as normal.

Mail copying may be added to your account at any time. Simply order online.

£30 /year per five redirects

Email Marketing/Newsletters
We are all aware of the annoyance of endless unsolicited email or spam. However, permission based email marketing still has its merits because the customer has given your company permission to send them the email. Host365 can provide an email marketing solution which while complex in its features, is child’s play to work with.

Our Email Marketing service enables complete novices to log into a secure area, create an email newsletter and schedule a mail out all in an easy to use WYSIWIG web site. The service is scalable to many thousands of email addresses. An important feature of the Email Marketing service is the inbuilt Opt Out service. This means that when you send your email out, its recipients are presented with the option to opt out from receiving future emails. By simply clicking on a link in the email they receive, the recipient will be automatically removed from future mail outs and you will be able to see that they have done so.

Other features include the ability to send plain text or html emails (all edited in the browser and requiring no html skills whatsoever), in addition to reports on bounced emails (so you can refine your list) and reports on the number of emails that were read by recipients.

Regular newsletters can help you build brand awareness and stickiness, as well as keeping your customers or potential customers up to date on news and new products. If you want to start taking advantage of the power of permission based email marketing, please call our sales team to find out more.


020 7610 9911

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