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Host365 is committed to providing the highest levels of speed and continuity for our clients and we believe in our choice of hosting technology and infrastructure we have demonstrated this commitment.

In addition, we are constantly improving our core service provision through continuous hardware and software upgrades combined with a commitment to implementing innovation in the range of services offered.

The Data Centre
Host365 chose Redbus London for its main hosting facility. Redbus has a worldwide reputation for high security and resilience. The 24 hour on site security team are assisted by extensive perimeter security with internal and external closed circuit television and time lock entry mechanisms.

In addition to security, Redbus employs state of the art hosting technologies including multiple external power feeds, UPS and generator backups and environmental sensors with constant monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems and fire and water leakage all supervised 24x7 by a team of skilled technicians.

The Network
Host365's backbone comprises a resilient network triangulation across Docklands in London with high speed lines to our Points of Presence across the UK.

The network is served by state of the art Juniper and Cisco routers served by multiple upstream transit providers ensuring equipment and connectivity redundancy.

The network is monitored 24/7 by dual systems monitoring availability and performance of key servers and services on our backbone with paging services reporting on critical machines in the unlikely event of service failure.

The proximity of our network to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) means exceptional throughput direct into the main peering point for all UK internet traffic, thus ensuring optimization of our clients' internet connectivity.

The Hardware
Using hardware from vendors like HP and IBM all Host365 servers deploy RAID disk arrays offering a high degree of fault tolerance and continuity in the event of hardware failure in addition to deploying multi processor machines where applications demand high speed processing power.

In addition, key infrastructure is replicated on standby servers ready for deployment in case of total failure which gives us a much faster time to restore all important customer services.

The Control Panel
The ability to control your internet services in real time is central to being able to manage your internet activity efficiently. Host365 customers benefit from an award winning control panel which gives them access to manage their entire services from a simple and intuitive web based control panel 24 hours a day.

Customers can set up email and web services and delegate separate logins to other members of their company through a hierarchical access structure. In addition, mail users are able to administer their own mail services and passwords thus reducing administrative tasks for the IT manager.

For monitoring and analysing your internet usage Host365 can provide a comprehensive range of statistics for email and web traffic and in depth analysis of site visitors straight from the control panel.

The Support
Host365 places considerable emphasis on maintaining its enviable reputation for providing excellent customer support. We have a very high resolution rate on support calls with the majority of support issues being resolved within minutes of calling the support team.

Our support team share a wealth of knowledge and experience and all undergo extensive and continuous training across a broad range of systems.

In the words of one customer, " …. the great thing is that real live staff are at the end of the line whenever I wish to make contact. I've received extraordinary help from you in areas that were not really your concern. Just like a free helpline. Thank you once again for that!"


020 7610 9911

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"It occurred to me that I have been with you over 3 years now. My site has functioned perfectly all that time. Downtime has been NIL and I am delighted"

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